sábado, 12 de abril de 2008

Sussan Surrender.

Susan, surrender Susan. Surrender, Susan.
You know and I know that you´ve done most of the abusin`
This should´ve never happenned, it ain´t amusin´
Just say you love me, Susan.
You know you do.
Susan, surrender Susan. Susan, surrender.
I´ll keep the car and the children.
You can keep the blender.
I´f you´d just say you love me, bein´a first offender
I´ll let you go off easy, you know I will
Naah, but you keep naggin´ and hagglin´
An´ rippin´ me apart
Tellin´me I´m no good and I got no heart
Ridin´ and deridin´ ´cause I watch the TV all day…
Ahh, but you can´t see what I do ´Cause what I do, you can´t see
(Uuuh Uhhh Uhhh)
I love ya, and I will eternally…

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