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De tarea: Pipe Style

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Tarea de Inglés ♥

Pipe Style – Just Women.
New Trainers For Woman.

Values and ideas asssociated with the brand:
 For all the types of woman.
 Excellence and high quality.
 Originality and total exclusivity.
 Comfort.

Vantages of the product

 The client can chose the design about a same structure of the trainers. We have a lot of types of designs to offer or the client can make their own in our Web Site and order it. This makes our brand original and exclusive.
 The new line provides a vision of women to the mark, thanks to our selective group of the best graphic designers.
 Just like we mentioned before Pipe Style is for all the types of woman.
 Our trainers are combinable with any style of clothing.
 We have excellence and high quality, because we use the best materials to make the trainers.
 The comfort of our trainers.

Disadvantages of the product

 Stronger and solid competitors like Adidas or Puma.
 Limited Stock.
 High exigency of the demand.
 We sold for order.
 High price because the expensive materials we use to make our trainers the best of the market.


Achieve a visual impact with our product, attracting the attention of the female demand and meeting their requirements. In this way we are to achieve open a gap in the market, marking a new trend of Nike with Pipe Style, so that in future we will launch other batches of the same brand with unique and totally original new shoes, so that our customers are feel unique.


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